Eien no aselia episode 1

  • 9275
  • PG
  • Premiered: 2013-02-20T16:07:31.729Z
  • Duration 30
Yuto Takamine and his younger sister-in-law Kaori, were at their parents' grave, when they were suddenly summoned into another world, Phantasmagoria. The King and a woman named Restina took Kaori as a hostage, and ordered Yuto to fight against their enemies. Then, the King gave him a sword called Motomeh to protect their kingdom from enemy spirits. Kaori will only be freed if Yuto helps protect Phantasmagoria. Thus, Yuto's journey begins... (Source: ANN)
# Title
1 Eien no aselia episode 1
2 Eien no aselia episode 2

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